| 29 September, 2017

Police warn vehicle owners as car crimes rise in Sharjah

Most of stolen items include cash, laptops, smartphones, watches, wallets containing credit cards and other items.

Police warn vehicle owners as car crimes rise in Sharjah
The Sharjah Police have confirmed an increase in the number of complaints about theft from cars during the last four months.

According to a police officer, Al Buhairah Police Station received many complaints from motorists who lost their valuables from cars parked in Al Buhaira Corncihe, Al Majaz and Al Nadah areas. The police attributed the rise in such thefts to the negligence of motorists.

Despite continuous warnings from the police, vehicle owners continue to leave valuables and cash inside the cars, which attracts thieves to break the car open and steal valuable things. Most of the stolen items include cash, laptops, smartphones, watches, gold jewelleries, wallets containing credit cards and other items.

Vehicle owners sometimes leave their cars unlocked near supermarkets, bakeries, houses, public facilities or isolated areas unattended. Such negligence would provide more opportunity to thieves, said the officer.

The officer said the gangs mainly target cars parked in Isolated, sandy and dark areas and carry out their crimes during early hours.

Modus operandi

The thieves usually break the triangular glass on the car window to open the doors of the car, said the officer, adding that they search the car for whatever valuables are left by the owner.

The officer said they have received more than 20 complaints from cars owners, either about losing valuables from parked cars or thieves damaging their cars.

The police have intensified patrols in residential and commercial areas of the city, resulting in arrest of many gangs who targeted parked vehicles.

Awareness campaign

Brig Saif Al Zeri Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of the Sharjah Police, said that the police are making great efforts to spreading public awareness through various types of traditional and social media.

The latest campaign launched on September 18 is aimed at educating the motorists and car owners to avoid leaving their cars with the engine on and to follow precautionary measures to prevent thefts. It will continue to providing advice and instruction to the public on methods to protect the valuables in their vehicles from theft.

He urged the public to contribute in enhancing the sense of security among members of the community by calling, 999, 901 or toll-free number Najeed 800151 to report any crimes or any kind of abnormal or suspicious behaviour.


> Nirmala Jacobi, one of the victims of theft in Al Majaz 2, said that she left her car parked in a sandy area near her home on a Thursday. "I didn't go out until Saturday. When I approached the car, I was shocked to see the window broken. All my stuff, including the wallet, a gold chain and earring of my daughter and some credit cards, were stolen. I lodged a complaint with Al Buhaira police, who immediately came and lifted evidence.

> Mubashar Al Haj, another victim, said that he had forgotten to lock his car which he parked close to his building. Thieves opened his car and stole his office laptop, which contained important documents. The police promised to arrest the culprit soon.

Tips to be safe

> Don't leave your valuables in vehicles

>Do not leave cars unattended with the engine on

>Make sure that the car doors are locked before leaving it

>Enable protection and alarm systems

>Lock valuable items in safe places and avoid leaving them in cars

>Park cars in designated parking areas - public parking lots with lights

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